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A few years back, say one day in 2005, I came upon a Bible passage previously unfamiliar to me — 1 John 5:9-11:

“We accept man’s testimony, but God’s testimony is greater because it is the testimony of God, which he has given about his Son. Anyone who believes in the Son of God has this testimony in his heart. Anyone who does not believe God has made him out to be a liar, because he has not believed the testimony God has given about his Son. And this is the testimony: God has given us eternal life, and this life is in his Son.”

I hadn’t read this passage before that day, and I can’t recall now what had me then thumbing through 1 John.

It doesn’t really matter why I was delving into that part of the Bible. What does matter is that the incident became one of those defining treasures in time. You know — the kind of profoundly meaningful moment we recognize as special, unforgettable, and life-changing…

Chapter 2 — Regarding Manners and Mentors

Following kosher protocol at home, my parents did their best to see to it that we never mixed meat and dairy in the same meal, and we had separate silverware for eating each. It was a big time sin to put, for example, a “meat fork” in the sink with a “dairy spoon.”

Imagine the instrumental music from any scary movie. I can hear the theme music from Jaws. The music is building, getting louder, faster. The rhythm is heart-pounding, and then.

“Oy veh!” This Yiddish expression is equivalent to “oh my” or “oh dear.”

Mom’s dismay could be heard throughout our apartment and probably through the walls into Mr. Eisner’s. She went on to say, “Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure I’m looking down at a meat fork and a dairy spoon in our sink!”

Her fury was met by silence. Three sets of big eyes were looking straight up at her, as Jay, Scott, and I sat slouched at the kitchen table.

“Who did this?” she asked. There was no pause for us to answer, before she yelled, “It’s a sin and we will be punished for such carelessness! Who did this? Tell me right this second!” Now she was waiting for an answer…

Chapter 7 — Discovering The Bible And Its Belt

As I curiously opened the drawer to the nightstand, a Gideon's Bible stared up at me. I pulled it out of hiding. I thumbed through books I recognized - Genesis, Exodus, Judges, Samuel . As I made my way along, I noticed books with the names Hosea and Joel and others that I had pretty much forgotten about. Finally, after seeing Malachi, the next page appeared to me as a giant billboard in the sky flashing the words The New Testament (The Gospel of Jesus Christ).

Shock set in rapidly. I gave myself some attitude as aloud I said, "What in the world is this stuff doing in the Bible?!" Insult and invasion (into my Holy Scriptures) joined the shock. Sure, Greg had conveyed the story of the entire Bible to me, but I hadn't realized until my quick trip through Gideon that the Bible that Greg spoke of included both testaments. I was appalled, but not too appalled to dig in and check it out more thoroughly. This was considerably better than any TV drama…

I was always rational, so the only way I knew to approach this conundrum was from a logical perspective. To sort it all out, I started by asking more questions of myself and the universe: Why would one part (Old Testament) of the Bible be true and the next part (New Testament) be false? Why were both books bound together if only one was valid? Who am I to say that only my half is true and the New Testament is not true? What evidence do I possess to disprove the New Testament?

Video Interview with Dr. David Reagan

Stu discusses with Dr. David Reagan, Lamb & Lion Ministries, how a Jewish person from New York found his Jesus the Messiah.


“I really like your book, Stu! You do a great job of tying Jewish history to present Christianity; your style makes the reading easy and interesting and the way you tell your story holds the interest of the reader. I felt like you were being very open and honest in your writing; God bless you.”

Laurie Magers
Executive Assistant to Zig Ziglar

“It is very interesting to me because I am getting a very much clearer look at the Jewish traditions and why they are there.”


“Stu, I just wanted you to know that I thoroughly enjoyed your book. I started reading when we took off from Salt Lake & couldn’t put it down. Read the last page as we landed. It reconfirmed my beliefs to a higher level. Those hopeful moments with your dying brother brought tears to my eyes. I enjoyed the humor too. Christians & non-Christians should read this book!”

Yolanda Fischer
Reliv International

“I absolutely love your book. Thank you so much.”


“Just had to let you know how very very much I have enjoyed your book — you have such a gift for making the events of your childhood come alive — and also the explanation on the Feasts for those who don’t ‘get it’ are so great!”

Glenna Salsbury, CSP
CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame

“I loved the book!! Stu is a great story teller. I loved reading about Stu’s family, especially his grandfather. I also enjoyed the Bible scriptures that brought Stu to the realization that Jesus was his Messiah! Great book! Very funny too!”

Kim Corbin
103.5 FM WMUZ - Christian Radio

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